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Industry questionnaire survey

Small and medium enterprises in Hong Kong - printing 4.0 questionnaire survey


In recent years, with the rapid changing nature of market orders for printed media products and rising costs, Hong Kong printers are facing many challenges in their operation. With the funding support of the “SME Development Fund” of the Trade and Industry Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, the Hong Kong Printers Association is launching a project to promote the deployment of "Print 4.0" in Hong Kong, helping the industry gradually moving towards "Print 4.0"to increase the efficiency and productivity, improve the quality of services, and sharpen the competitive edge of Hong Kong printers. The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) will be the implementation agent of this project.


We are sincerely inviting the management of Hong Kong printing industry to complete a questionnaire, and share the current status of their business operation and production, in order to:

• understand the current status of Hong Kong printing industry; and

• evaluate the degree of digitization of the production process in HKSMEs printing industry and its adaptability to “Print 4.0”.

Expected to take 5-10 minutes to complete

The companies participating in the questionnaire will receive a copy of "Print 4.0 Guidebook”, and also invitation to all seminars and a chance to be selected as one of our potential pilot companies of this project.


1. If you would like to know more about the content of this questionnaire, you may contact Mr. Louis Ho (+852 2788 5339/ of HKPC. An interview could be arranged with you through telephone or face-to face communication.

2. In case the data collected is not clearly understood, HKPC may follow up with you on the details.

3. All the data collected in this survey will be kept confidential.

4.The personal data (including but not limited to name, position, address, contact information, etc.) will only be used for the purpose of the survey and / or further contact with you for follow-up. We process and hold such personal data in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. You may request for assessment and updating your personal data if necessary.

5.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material/event (or by members of the Project Team) do not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Trade and Industry Department or the Vetting Committee of the SME Development Fund and the Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (Organisation Support Programme).


Contact details Required


Contact Person


Factory Location


Company profile

1) What does the structure of the company? Note: For MNCs, please fill this form for the Hong Kong subsidiary)(Please select appropriate answers)

2) Where does your company (incl. parent company) operate (i.e., have offices or dependencies)?(Please select appropriate answers)

3) How many employees ofyour company are in Hong Kong and global now?

Number of employees in Hong Kong
Number of employees in Factories
Total Number of employees globally

4) How much revenue does your company generate per year?

Revenue in Hong Kong
Revenue global

5) Which types of printing to you offer? (Please select appropriate answers)

6) Which materials are printed in packaging printing? (Please select appropriate answers)

7) Which packaging printing processes do you use? (Please select appropriate answers)

8) Which materials are printed in commercial printing? (Please select appropriate answers)

9) Which printingprocesses do you use? (Please select appropriate answers)

Packaging printing
Commercial printing
Publishing printing

10) What pre-press work do you do? (Please select appropriate answers)

11) Which offset printing process variants do you use (if applicable)?(Please select appropriate answers)

12) What post-press processes do you use? (Please select appropriate answers)

13) How manydifferent printingproductsare printed on recurring order?(Please select appropriate answers)

14) How manydifferent printing products are printed per day?(Please select appropriate answers)


15) What problems is your company currently facing in the factory?(Please select appropriate answers)

16) What are the main causes of the following problem? (Please select appropriate answers)


b)Quality problems

c)Unexpected costs

d)Production stops

17) How long does it take to set up a machinebetween variants/ orders?(Please select 1 appropriate answer)

18) Which potentials do you see using digital technologies inyour company?(Please select up to 3 answers)

Organization and skills

19) Does your company offerLean Managementtraining? (Please select appropriate answers)

20) Does your companyapplyLean Management (reducing waste in the processes and increase economic value)?(Please select appropriate answers)

21) Are the benefits of Lean Managementrecognisedin your company?(Please select appropriate answers)

22) How pronounced is the understanding of Industry 4.0?(Please select appropriate answers)

Digitalisation, IT

23) Which IT systems do you currently use in business/operations?(Please select appropriate answers)

a) Product development cycle
b) Customer / Product usage cycle
c) Production cycle
d) Other relevant systems

24) How do you get orders from customers/ interact with suppliers?(Please select appropriate answers)

a) Get orders from customers?
b) Interact withsuppliers?

25) How are printingprocesses planned/tracked/used in your company?(Please select 1 appropriate answer for each process)

a) Sales
b) Planning
c) Procurement
d) Pre-press
e) Printing
f) Post-press
g) Warehousing
h) Delivery

26) Which digital technologies and applications does your company use now/ plan to implement within the next 5 years?(Please select appropriate answers)

a) Mobile devices in production/ warehousing/ tracking
b) Tracking systems with RFID, QR-Code, Barcodes,...
c) Sensors for temperature, humidity, motion, etc.
d) Machine data acquisition (Internet of Things (IoT))
e) Voice gesture/ control
f) Robots/ Cobots
g) Autonomous transport systems (e.g., Automated Guided Vehicle(AGV))
h) Wearables (smart glasses/ watches, Augmented Reality (AR)..)

27) Which technologies/systems of modern data processing does your companyusenow for printing processes? (Please select 1 appropriate answer for each applied area)

a) Data analytics(e.g. regression)
b) Systems for decision support(e.g. dashboards)
c) use any technologies to predict the impact of a decision

28) Is your company willing to become a pilot company for this project? (After selection, project expert will conduct an on-site evaluation at the pilot companies’ factories.)